We aspire to provide the opportunity for young children and their parents to spend precious time together traveling to the wonderful land of fantasy and fairytales. Our apps are a product of deep love for storytelling originating from the memories of our early years. They unveil an intelligent, constructive and insightful universe of emotional awareness, subtly woven into magical, fun-filled entertainment.

TALE OF SASQUATCH by Randall Paris Dark


“Tale of Sasquatch” follows the misadventures of Rupert (or Woopert, as he would say) and his best friend Mr. Stinky the sock, as they search the woods for food. Faced with wacky challenges and hilarious encounters with quirky characters…

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The not so Little Red Hen

The not so Little Red Hen - Ever After Tales

The hard working little Red Hen asks for help again and again from her barnyard friends, who flatly refuse to help her plant her wheat seeds. Yet when the harvest is picked, prepared and the bread baked and piping hot out …

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